miércoles, mayo 20, 2009

julie williams

julie williams
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jueves, mayo 07, 2009

just hanging out...

photo, tfs

martes, abril 28, 2009

ilona k!

love her! or love the photos? or the floral top?... or everything?
ilona k at models in company
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acid wash everything

i really really want those sweatpant acid washed jeans...

photos, platinum evil

lunes, abril 27, 2009

the sorbet sucker

i love pastels and mixed pastels more, so naturally i loved this insight shorts!
photo, karmaloop

i need: a pink backpack!

or do i like this one better??
photos, urbn.com

jueves, abril 23, 2009

loved mischa for a change

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED her skirt and vest (matthew williamson for H&M) and her cropped tee too! she looks awesome for a change... except for the heavy raccoon-ish eyes..
photos, tfs

i need: a backpack!

this one looks nice!!
photo, urbn

viernes, abril 17, 2009

riccardo tisci, marry me.... please?

and if we do get married...i'm going to wear those leggings/pants... i don't care (and those sandals too)

photo, thefashionspot

martes, marzo 31, 2009

TOPSHOP lands in NYC!

april 2nd's the BIG DAY
.........did you see the 'shoe lounge'?? omg...I HATE YOU LUCKY NEW YORKERS!!!
is kate moss really gonna be there?
photos, WWD

photographer to love: marcio simnch

these photos are so beautiful!!
i think they're for some women'secret campaign or something... totally love them
photos, marcio simnch
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lunes, marzo 23, 2009

not my shoulder...

balmain shoulder
how beautiful is this????
photo, the streets walker

gold studded

gold studded leggings
love them!!
photo, freepeople
(although i've seen them before in nastygalvintage)

viernes, marzo 20, 2009

leather + denim shirt

caroline from modefeber.se
loving her denim shirt + leather + fringes + studs
photo, stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se

lunes, marzo 16, 2009

predator + home alone

the selby + the cobrasnake exhibition, wow!!
i'd kill to go, i'm sure it'll rock...

sábado, marzo 14, 2009

my new blog!!


pls come check it out

viernes, marzo 13, 2009

the gang

photo, thecobrasnake

sábado, marzo 07, 2009


tallulah for russh
photo, thefashionspot

viernes, marzo 06, 2009


love her
i want winter so much
photo, caroline mode at modefeber.se

martes, marzo 03, 2009

r e h a b

a little creepy, but loooove the styling and the models!
photos, steven meisel