martes, marzo 14, 2006

why can't a woman dress like a man?

// aquí hay mas fotos de "on the street", esta es del 2 de Marzo. lo que no se alcanza a leer en el centro dice:
"IN the winter of 1992 audacious New York women opted to put a little swagger in their step, dressing with a distinctly mannish flair. Their notion of style, built on classic haberdashery, was not so much adapted from a man's wardrobe as pilfered outright. It owed a debt to brazen, if sometimes unlikely, fashion plates like George Sand, a sensation in her day who flaunted mannish frock coats and cravats, and that hoyden Coco Chanel, who wore her boyfriend's sweaters with a near-fetishistic fidelity.

Built on snappy men's standards like the cardigan, the overcoat, cuffed trousers and the crisply patterned tie, the look has resurfaced, resurrected by houses like Chloé, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin, on whose spring runways even the daintiest blouses were toughened up by slender, swingy ties. Some designers picked up the mood for fall, unveiling a sampling of roguishly masculine coats."