martes, marzo 14, 2006

winter green

// paseando por el New York Times, di con este link, "on the street", donde cada cierto tiempo muestran una tendencia en las calles de Nueva York, hace tiempo que veia las fotos, pero no sabia de donde las sacaban, asi que aqui por fin... winter green.

lo que no se alcanza a leer en el centro dice:
"green, as fresh as spring grass on a Swiss mountainside, is a popular color this winter, left, right and above. Through much of the last century, there was a superstition about wearing green, which was largely reserved for celebrating the 17th of March, bottom row, as seen in 2005. But during the late 50's and 60's, green coats were part of the pastel Easter fashion coloring."
*Source, New York Times, Fashion & Style